Via Ferrada dia 6 de maig: TOSSAL DE MIRAVET

2 mayo 2018 per Neus Domingo

Hora: 7:30h.

Lloc: Rambla Pompeu Fabra (Pàrking al costat de Faiges)

Aliments: Esmorzar i Dinar.

Durada: 4 hores.

Dificultat: Difícil (Grau K4).

Material: Casc, guants, dissipador, arnés, baga i mosquetó d’ancoratge.


3 respuestas a “Via Ferrada dia 6 de maig: TOSSAL DE MIRAVET”

  1. next year we plan a tour of our community, tell us about the terms of participation for a group of 80 people

  2. Without doubts, the author is very good writer. He convinced me to study this issue more attentively… I like the ideas he provides and words he writes. Thanks and good luck for everyone.

  3. The photo looks charming… I like how the light is depicted here. Besides, as for me, the blog created is very nice and always has only positive vibes. This is great!

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